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badapple March 2021
(new) happy birthday Dennis [16]
Dennis the menace is 70 today, happy birthday old dude party.gif
badapple October 2020
(new) Happy Birthday Vampboy [19]
Birthday greetings bro party.gif
badapple October 2020
(new) Sulking [17]
Do you Sulk, could someone do a dance on your bottom lip ? who here is a sulker ?
badapple October 2020
(new) The Hum (3)
Just red an interesting article about something called ''The Hum'' [link]
badapple August 2020
(new) How far would you go ? [128]
Ok lets see who the nicest person on pro is ? Your best mate from school gets in touch with you out of the blue, after several years. You arra

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badapple 9 hours 58 minutes
Rip Walter Smith you were a decent manager in your day
badapple 2 hours 20 minutes
@ warded - 26.10.21 - 05:52pm it is h.265 / HEVC (x265 is the encoder used) and i'm pretty sure you could
badapple 2 hours 20 minutes
converting the 60s batman tv series 3 from x265 codec to h264 codec its taken 3 days to convert series 1 and 2, 34 episodes in series 1 and 60 episo
badapple 2 hours 24 minutes
badapple 8 hours 46 minutes
we are off to that pub, with the crappy pies so i know it wont be a pie. I may have a fish finger butty and chips, or maybe a burger. Just as long as

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