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bazinga May 2019
(new) ASMR [23]
It's been around for yonks, but has gained widespread mainstream attention the last two years or so. Whats your thoughts on it? Do you lov
bazinga August 2016
(new) 5 Year Plan [36]
Do you have one? Did you have one? Do you feel it is something worth having and if you do have one have you strayed at all?
bazinga November 2015
(new) Vision Boards [39]
Do you have one? Do you think they work? **Vision board: a list of things you want to achieve or things you want to own, that you can look at regularl
bazinga October 2015
(new) lists [22]
Do you make them? In my teens I developed an obsession with making lists, especially when I felt overwhelmed with work. It's a habit I haven't grown
bazinga October 2015
(new) Outsmarting Stress [41]
How do you outsmart stress? What's your go to in stressful situations or thoughts?

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bazinga June 2021
bazinga March 2020
An Anaconda... Being slowly crushed and smothered then ultimately sw*llowed whole and digested while you're still sort of alive.
bazinga June 2019
@ d.boon - 27.06.19 - 10:11am Sex And The City a sitcom? It was an hour long with no background laughter.
bazinga June 2019
Peanut butter and banana
bazinga June 2019
Miranda hurray.gif and then Friends followed by Big bang theory

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