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bozzalad September 2021
(new) pleasure marriages [110]
17,000 sign petition demanding BBC removes from iPlayer its 'pleasure marriages' expose on how Muslim clerics sell young girls for sex because it's 'd
bozzalad February 2020
(new) LEFT TO DIE [16]
Horrific injuries of woman, 24, blinded after being smashed over head with hammer by carjacker who stole her Audi the horrific injuries suffere
bozzalad January 2020
(new) Manchester Arena [18]
A SCHOOL sparked fury by asking children to write an essay as a parent of a Manchester bomb victim on the topic: All terrorists should be forgiven.[br
bozzalad January 2020
(new) Christmas shoppers (3)
PETRIFIED Christmas shoppers ran for their lives after an Audi mounted the pavement while being chased by yobs wielding three-foot-long baseball bats.
bozzalad January 2020
(new) Mogadishu bombing (3)
'DEVASTATING' Mogadishu bombing 79 dead including kids as huge truck bomb rips through Somali capital AT LEAST 79 people - including children - ha

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bozzalad October 2021
Yep, almost time for the next lockdown.
bozzalad 13 hours
The Rain- Oran Juice Jones
bozzalad 13 hours
No Diggity - Blackstreet
bozzalad 13 hours
Back To Life - Soul II Soul
bozzalad 13 hours
Word Up - Cameo

* Favourites:
9362 January 2020
(new) Sir Bryan Thwaites [59]
Offered to pay for scholarships for poor disadvantaged white boys to top private schools Winchester and Dulwich. They rejected it saying the ethnicity
9362 January 2020
(new) Black history month [64]
Hope you all enjoy it. Personally I think the whole idea is crap. Many white people who made valid contributions have also been forgotten. Love people
trunking January 2020
(new) Word Association pinned [4913]
Waiting.gif I might as well! Version three point 0. Word: START!
slwnoris August 2019
(new) alien files unsealed. [43]
So aliens could be trying to kill as off, forest fire are happening more often, bees are dying out, this could well be a way to wipe as out. Without t
eyesore July 2019
(new) Song stuck in head [32]
I can hear this song in my head , kinda like something faithless or sash would do , from that era. It hasn't any, any ideas ?

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