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dan27notts 2022
(new) Bull Week [18]
Who's getting those extra hours in this week then for that bumper Christmas pay packet next week?
dan27notts June 2021
dan27notts March 2021
(new) R.I.P. Caroline Flack [241]
Love island isnt the same without you and now you will never be back to present it.
dan27notts January 2021
(new) Cheddar Cheese [59]
Who decided cheddar cheese would be the main cheese? There are loads of other types of cheese, some tastier and many with similar properties so why ch
dan27notts January 2021
(new) Bull Week [42]
Whos getting the extra hours in at work on bull week for that bumper christmas pay packet?

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dan27notts 30 days
(/link) I cant remember how to do links, but basically it's Night Shift by The Commodores
dan27notts 30 days
@ mardy - 12.04.22 - 11:32am Id be too scared of that cracking while i slept, or seeing a shark <
dan27notts 2 days
@ alanball - 13.04.22 - 09:50am Liz Truss previous so far... Contested Russia's sovereignty over Ro
dan27notts 2 days
However, she explains the reason the Soviet-era facility has so far resisted capture is that it was built to withstand significant damage, and it is s
dan27notts 2 days
@ alanball - 12.04.22 - 05:56pm The BBC quoting and naming the Azov Battalion as a source but not mentioni

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(new) grenfell [189]
Bbc news Effegy of tower burnt on a bonfire at a fireworks party! Ppl saying in background ' they should have paid there rent' etc Its discusting! Sc
1clivey1 November 2018
(new) mass shooting [67]
Reports coming in of another mass shooting in ventura county california

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