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deusexmachina June 2022
(new) So I just found out [79]
That not everybody stands up to wipe their arse. They do it whilst still sitting. Like fu*king weirdos.
deusexmachina May 2022
(new) Midgets in work [30]
How many midgets do you see in work? Do you know any? Why don't we see them stacking the higher shelves in supermarkets or cleaning windows?
deusexmachina May 2022
(new) Has anyone else got [27]
A text message from DEFRA telling them to house their birds and contact numbers if you spot any signs of Avian flu?
deusexmachina October 2021
(new) Beast v Mountain [14]
It looks like it is going to happen. I don't know if any of them can fight but Hall looks up for it. Really fu*king up for it. Go Beast.
deusexmachina June 2021
(new) What happened to Recurve [62]
He didn't get the Covid or anything did he? Hope the fella is OK.

* Replies:
deusexmachina 9 hours 23 minutes
@ warded - 19.08.22 - 04:07pm Slayer the band mostly makes money from hating on religion. drumsolo<
deusexmachina 4 hours 15 minutes
It's a little BBC World Service.
deusexmachina 7 hours 58 minutes
And you can tell when she's bitter that she has had it up the sh*tter, when the end of the month comes around.
deusexmachina 7 hours 58 minutes
You can tell by her frown that you'll have to aim for brown, when the end of the month comes around.
deusexmachina 7 hours 58 minutes
@ yahweh1 - 18.08.22 - 06:49pm You can tell by the clot on my bell it gonna be 5 days of hell, when the en

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xivanax April 2021
(new) Ketchup [71]
Time to settle the debate. Where duz it go?fridge or cupboard?
xivanax March 2021
(new) Relax [71]
What do you do to relax?
xivanax October 2020
(new) One word [56]
Describe the person above in one word. No options here. Sorry am not that lenient.GO
vampboy June 2020
(new) Let's get homeboy laid [226]
Okay, not personally me. But since exams are hitting close, and now's the perfect time to procrastinate, I started using Tinder to mess around. So I w
shreds50 April 2021

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