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deusexmachina June 2021
(new) What happened to Recurve [62]
He didn't get the Covid or anything did he? Hope the fella is OK.
deusexmachina June 2020
(new) The band t shirt [80]
So had a brief chat with a lass last night wearing a Slayer t shirt. Her favourite song was Reigner of Death, apparently. So why would on earth would
deusexmachina May 2020
(new) Beast v Mountain (8)
It looks like it is going to happen. I don't know if any of them can fight but Hall looks up for it. Really fu*king up for it. Go Beast.
deusexmachina June 2019
(new) Return to Order (7)
20,000 people petitioned Netflix to cancel Good Omens. The adaptation of the book by the late great Sir Terry Pratchett and the thank fu*k he is still
deusexmachina May 2019
(new) After dinner speakers [30]
So we have all probably had to sit through these on numerous occasions and they range from the horrendous to brilliant. Who are the best ones you have

* Replies:
deusexmachina 4 hours 19 minutes
@ wakeup4 - 29.07.21 - 02:33pm CLOWNWORLDShe can take you.
deusexmachina 1 hour 10 minutes
Messaging me as a dark woman is a bold move. I go from zero to gratuitous in the blink of an eye. But it's only because I don't respect women.
deusexmachina 17 minutes
They got abused for not going out to save a stranded deer here the other month.
deusexmachina 1 hour 10 minutes
@ alanball - 29.07.21 - 08:35am As I said no one else is remotely arsed just himWere you any
deusexmachina 1 hour 10 minutes
To be honest I didn't have a clue. But that's probably because I couldn't imagine being that bored that I would have to do something like that.

* Favourites:
xivanax April 2021
(new) Ketchup [71]
Time to settle the debate. Where duz it go?fridge or cupboard?
xivanax March 2021
(new) Relax [72]
What do you do to relax?
nichick March 2021
(new) relations [108]
married single engaged????
xivanax October 2020
(new) One word [57]
Describe the person above in one word. No options here. Sorry am not that lenient.GO
vampboy June 2020
(new) Let's get homeboy laid [226]
Okay, not personally me. But since exams are hitting close, and now's the perfect time to procrastinate, I started using Tinder to mess around. So I w

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