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eyesore July 2021
(new) UK politics [141]
I must admit I'm not very impressed with the conservative party right now
eyesore July 2021
(new) Does a tree in a forest [152]
bo11ocks i cant be fked
eyesore May 2021
(new) Would you bankrupt yourself [21]
To give your partner an extra year of life , knowing that they would definitely be dead in a year or less and their quality of life would be vastly re
eyesore April 2021
eyesore February 2021
(new) Living in the uk [16]
I'm feeling very homesick....give me some reasons why it's not a good idea to live in the uk right now

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eyesore 20 hours
A typical comment from a jobless b*m .....if you think the economy can't be destroyed then you're thick as f.uck ...the price is yet to be paid ....bu
eyesore June 2021
It's all got an early 90's feel about it many 'minor' incidents that are all starting to add up
eyesore June 2021
maybe we should police the media ?
eyesore June 2021
eyesore June 2021
@ alanball - 4.05.21 - 05:28pm Exactly, the amount of people that said they didn't like Corbyn to me and j

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sourface 20 hours
(new) Covid-19 [3389]
Since nobody has posted I'm curious what is the death toll where you are?
mrfruity February 2020
(new) Gone Commando Today (10)
Button Fly and a nice strong Breeze.Refreshing
slwnoris January 2020
(new) prince harry and her in doors. [76]
Are leaving front line royal duties, there going to spend more time in America. If there cutting back there work for the firm, I hope there gold plate
dodgey January 2019
(new) Christmas time [60]
When do you lot finish up for Christmas? I'm doing call out tonight then from tomorrow morning im finished , going in for a couple of hours Thursday a
ladibud 2 days
(new) What are you doing now? pinned [2834]
Version 3.... So,shout, let it all out.... Waiting

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