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iilmadme 21 days
(new) protests [40]
So what do you feel passionate enough to protest about? What would it take to get you on a demonstration?
iilmadme September 2021
(new) cheeky63 [24]
I just saw the really sad news on facebook that tina passed away on friday.she was a lovely person x rip tina,i will miss you xx
iilmadme July 2021
(new) coming out of lockdown [106]
How is everyone feeling about the easing of lockdown? Have you had your vaccine yet? Is anyone apprehensive?
iilmadme April 2021
(new) merry christmas [28]
Love you all x have a great one guys zx
iilmadme November 2020
(new) if walls could talk [29]
What would yours say?

* Replies:
iilmadme 6 hours 10 minutes
Also i now understand why my dad used to get so depressed at the end of speedway,what am i supposed to do all winter now? Lol
iilmadme 6 hours 10 minutes
Maybe it will be ok.he will just go through the motions,bless's going to be toe curling to be with them both in the same room.she has no concep
iilmadme 6 hours 10 minutes
Im not sure how this will pan best friend was an absolute bi**h to my bf the other night.and he was an absolute bi**h not impressed wit
iilmadme 6 hours 10 minutes
Afternoon drinks with the best friend and god daughter seems a bit of a mad idea now.dont know if i have the stamina.or the really mess
iilmadme 6 days
some of them only care when it suits them.they turn a blind eye or join in when people they dont like get attacked

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peta August 2020
(new) World Mental Health Day. [103]
Granted, everyday should be a day where humanity continues to raise awareness and recognize that mental health is important and it exists. Men
dodgey October 2020
(new) Face masks [461]
Would you wear one?
dodgey June 2020
(new) My interview next week [42]
I have already got past the first stage, soon I will be a civil servant who will be responsible for granting permits for new buildings in London. Not
sephiroth 6 hours 10 minutes
(new) Thoughts 17 pinned [14000]
The one-and-only, the never-ending, the all-encompassing, the reincarnated Thoughts topic. Feel free.. wave.gif as the other has reached its u
phillwin October 2019
(new) This tune been me for years (2)
The grasshopper dance until today thank you ice cream van man

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