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jlh1182 February 2021
(new) Mystery Monoliths [105]
Have you seen the reports lately? I'm not convinced of aliens.. however somebody appears to be going to great lengths to stir up public interest.. so
jlh1182 February 2021
(new) Exit from the EU [360]
The People of France and Sweden are considering a referenda on leaving the EU..
jlh1182 February 2021
(new) Venezuela Recovery [555]
I will attempt to highlight some of the things which may help Venezuela to find economic stability, or at least shed light on matters which appear to
jlh1182 February 2021
(new) Fake Impact (8)
NASA Asks For Report Into 'Meteorite' Crash At School. It Turns Out To Be...
jlh1182 February 2021
(new) *Anarchism (10)
Can you explain this?..

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jlh1182 February 2021
A metal pillar roughly three metres (9.8 foot) tall and one metre (3.2 foot) wide has shown up in Gobeklitepe, home to the worlds oldest temple site,
jlh1182 February 2021
ANOTHER monolith has appeared months after the mysterious metal structures started appearing around the globe. This time, one has shown up in the arch
jlh1182 February 2021
I honestly despise you and anyone like you..
jlh1182 February 2021
I have this image of a school prefect crying in the headmasters office cos he got slapped after lording it over the other kids, you will swear I'm the
jlh1182 February 2021
I don't have to hide or protect myself from idiots when I get reminders from people like you that there's rules about these things, nobody want to sto

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sephiroth 6 hours 7 minutes
(new) Thoughts 17 pinned [11933]
The one-and-only, the never-ending, the all-encompassing, the reincarnated Thoughts topic. Feel free.. wave.gif as the other has reached its u
hezz November 2020
(new) Inner pressure [18]
When try to choose between two
vampboy November 2020
(new) To Warded [13]
Happy birthday, sire. May you have an amazing one. Have a blast today and enjoy your very own Finnish birthday. Party.gif egdance.gif
1clivey1 January 2021
(new) trump/usa cont..... pinned [9347]
Old ones slowed today trumps impeachment to go ahead trial starts in jan 2020
eyesore April 2021
(new) UK politics [135]
I must admit I'm not very impressed with the conservative party right now

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