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kipling 3 days
(new) Supermarkets stock (9)
So there's a little problem of shelves being a bit sparse atm , are you worried , will you be stockpiling as it's inevitable that it's going to get wo
kipling 5 days
kipling 9 days
(new) Vinegar t.its (6)
On Tuesday at work a person told me vinegar t.its was present , I thought what ? It made me chuckle , but had no idea of this descriptive put down ..
kipling 11 days
(new) Emma Raducanu [113]
Is ladies tennis really poor ATM or is the 18 year old , who as only just finished school going to be a star of the future? Already beat 2 players wit
kipling 21 days
(new) For the singletons in covid times (9)
would you be interested in a attractive person if they disregarded safe and responsible actions during the pandemic times ?? Meaning face coverings in

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kipling 8 hours 34 minutes
kipling 1 hour 55 minutes
@ wakeup4 - 24.09.21 - 01:56pm NO!! Gareth has first hand evidenceTell Gareth he's a mong
kipling 1 hour 50 minutes
@ klissa - 24.09.21 - 01:21pm Okay so his head is pretty punchable. God I love my Mum ffs.Tha
kipling 9 hours 19 minutes
@ klissa - 24.09.21 - 12:39pm God I could live without reading again about Ogdenz adventures with his coat
kipling 9 hours 19 minutes
@ ogdenz - 24.09.21 - 12:05pm I wonder how many Brexit voters now realise they were conned but are too pro

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kavanaugh 21 days
kavanaugh 21 days
(new) Who really is Kipling? [71]
Seems like a controversial figure on pro. Loved by some hated by many. Stands up for himself even if its against all the big users. Who is Kipling? Wh
mrfruity August 2021
(new) Think I've Discovered [20]
what's causing me Erectile Dysfunction.. Apparently Cycling can cause it.A few hours in the saddle with squashed Balls.Think i'll lay off it for a
mikeymk 3 hours 59 minutes
(new) Word Association 6.6 pinned [8038]
Other one's useless, so...
obi_jon May 2021
(new) Couldn't care less... [27]
...what you're listening to/watching/having for dinner/buying/doing now. Why would I, it's totally irrelevant information to me and non of my b

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