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obi_jon 52 minutes
(new) Spoughts. [369]
It's like the 'Thoughts' topic but for sports(or like the Spacewatch topic(Sportwatch?)) You know the score. On your marks, get set, GO.
obi_jon 22 hours
(new) 'Ndrangheta [19]
hidingDid anybody watch the 'Mafia's Secret Bunkers' programme last night? Forget the Cosa Nos
obi_jon 2 days
(new) Bow and arrow attack in Norway. [12]
Some nutcase has gone on the rampage in the Norwegian town of Kongsberg, killing 5 people with a bow and arrow! Suspect is in custody. [link]ht
obi_jon 3 days
(new) Spacewatch v2.0(Official Science Topic) pinned [657]
To boldly go exactly where the old Space Watch topic went before it.moonlanding.gif. A place to post about all the latest research, theories, discove
obi_jon 4 days
(new) You've got to agree. [48]
What can we all agree on? There must be something(s)... but what?dontknow.gif

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obi_jon 7 hours 57 minutes
obi_jon 22 hours
Mafia bosses like eating dormice!pants.gif
obi_jon 20 hours
@ 3mel - 16.10.21 - 06:09pm you don't even know why that's a ridiculous idea do you 'He barel
obi_jon 1 day
obi_jon 13 hours
@ 3mel - 16.10.21 - 06:46pm Hepatha is that you ?That's what I thought.

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9362 14 days
(new) R kelly [21]
Found guilty of sex crimes against minors and young children. At least 20 years in jail I hope
wozzak 14 days
(new) Do you feel alive? (8)
When i log into the fabulous site that is progidits i feel such a sence of well being it makes me want to dance the lambada, you wouldnt understand.
alyna2021 May 2021
(new) awkward situation (10)
i've just broke up and have to work on a project together with my ex
9362 May 2021
(new) Hip hop tunes [363]
Following on from juices disco songs post, what are your favourite hip-hop tunes? Just listened to paid in full by Eric b and rakim, 30 years old and
dodgey January 2021

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