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obsidian21 August 2016
(new) biscuits [98]
i dont think we had a topic dedicated to biscuits before, except for oreos. so which are your favourite biscuits ppl? the ones that make you giggle wi
obsidian21 October 2014
(new) Eating living food [38]
OK so I went to Google about Gaeul, the penis fish that Obi posted abt in my other topic. Looking for info and pictures I came across an article where
obsidian21 September 2014
(new) i wonder why [21]
do new parents change all their profile pictures with their children pictures. it's like their face disapeared and you only see their children. i don'
obsidian21 September 2014
(new) no pictures or emoticon [61]
Shows for me on prodigits. Anybody else got this?
obsidian21 September 2014
(new) milk no sugar [38]
Is it a compromise for coffee drinkers? Why avoid sugar but chose milk? Diet? I'm really curious to know.

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obsidian21 September 2015
dreamz that's way too scary dearafraid.gif
obsidian21 November 2014
....when you feel old.
obsidian21 November 2014
they can't see me so they can't know if I am sexy or not. telling me that im sexy without knowing me is annoying my grumpy side.
obsidian21 November 2014
obsidian21 November 2014
I want to break free and many others. their songs are brilliant and I love the power they've put in the music.

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9362 October 2014
(new) 7 ways to know you're an African [52]
According to jacob Zuma,from various speeches made over the years
mok214 October 2014
(new) Mother Nature: 1 Drone: 0 [16]
Filmed over Magazine Beach Park in Cambridge, Massachusetts recently, a large hawk gave Amazon a reaso
moplady August 2014
(new) Well well [46]
Hello3.gif dramaqueen.gif mised you all.
phillwin August 2014

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