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ogdenz 3 days
(new) RNLI [23]
Royal National Lifeboat Institute. I've been reading that these hero's have been getting verbally abused for doing the right thing and rescuing as
ogdenz 10 days
(new) Tommeh Yobinson loses libel trial. [53]
Syrian schoolboy awarded 100,000 pounds in damages.
ogdenz 14 days
(new) I'm not wearing that! [74]
What item of clothing would you not wear? Or feel very uncomfortable wearing? I've just had an advert for pink Dr Martens pop up..not a chance mat
ogdenz 23 days
(new) Mask? [27]
UK folk,when restrictions are lifted and mask wearing is a personal choice will you continue to wear one?
ogdenz June 2021
(new) Trust the police? [132]
Generally speaking do you trust the police?

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ricky112 May 2021
(new) Only one [18]
Choose only one from this 1. Teleportation 2. Mars colonization 3. Black hole
dodgey May 2021
(new) RIP Prince Philip [210]
RIP my favourite royal.
9362 July 2020
(new) Stupid Liverpool fans [109]
Setting fire to the liver building... Some dumb cnts there tonight
sourface 7 minutes
(new) Covid-19 [2695]
Since nobody has posted I'm curious what is the death toll where you are?
1clivey1 July 2020
(new) trump/usa.. [2464]
Old one slowing up again,so here we go....

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