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* Topics:
psnality August 2018
psnality July 2018
(new) Honesty [195]
How honest are you? Do you find that telling the truth is the best option or do you exhaduate the truth, do you often tell little lies to make thin
psnality April 2018
(new) How many versions of life were there? [60]
Have you ever thought maybe there was another version of life that nothing had an end date or expectancy where beings or plants or anything didn't hav
psnality March 2018
(new) Little mad you [26]
Happy birthday, hope you're having a great day
psnality January 2018
(new) Mastermind [41]
If you were on Mastermind what would be your chosen subject to answer questions on?

* Replies:
psnality January 2020
Game? dontknow.gif really don't know what megaman has to do with zero, totally lost me Or none with sense.
psnality January 2020
psnality October 2018
They're doing a Captain Picard series that has nothing to do with Discovery and has nobody from The Next Generation in it apparently.
psnality January 2020
psnality October 2018
They're doing 15 minute Discovery mini episodes before the new season starts, the first one is called Runaway and it was pretty good. I liked The O

* Favourites:
cybergho July 2020
(new) is abortion wrong or right? [586]
please just share your thought no more trouble
trunking January 2020
(new) Word Association pinned [4913]
Waiting.gif I might as well! Version three point 0. Word: START!
straxus 17 days
(new) NFL [485]
Fan of it?
slwnoris September 2018
(new) diabetes / metformin? [20]
So they say you have it, give you drugs like metformin 500mg.what they don't tell you, this drug can lead to blindness, nerve damage, loss of limbs an
slago September 2018
(new) did you know [109]
That during medieval times, Europeans were told to bath by the moors to avoid diseases? lol

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