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say.what April 2020
(new) TV licence [107]
I just cancelled mine this week, sick of the propaganda etc, I don't plan on watching live TV or BBC catch up, anyone got any experience on going roug
say.what April 2019
(new) Gilets Jaunes [22]
Anyone keeping upto date with this? The French police are again battering the public, just seen someone with their hands up get shot in the stomach by
say.what September 2018
(new) Status bar [95]
Why has my status bar turned white while I'm on here? I'm sure it used to disappear when I scrolled or was the same colour and blended in... It's too
say.what August 2018
(new) Ex directory [220]
Dear Deidre.. Around Xmas time went thru quite a messy break up... Last time we spoke/texted was early January... I thought we would never speak again
say.what June 2018
(new) How [50]
How does Google know my trade? When I phone someone it tells them my work.. And also how do I stop it?... Should I become unemployed? Might be easist

* Replies:
say.what May 2019
Not my Mueller
say.what May 2019
Mueller lite
say.what January 2019
Haven't turned my heating on for about 3 years chin wonder if still works
say.what January 2019
Police now saying its possible that there wasn't even a drone facepalm
say.what 22 days

* Favourites:
say.what June 2017
(new) Lemon [34]
Lemon water, miracle drink or just lemon water what
1clivey1 April 2018
(new) donald trump [12600]
wants to ban all muslims coming to the usa! he's unhinged so obama says
rose01 November 2015
(new) Terrorists attack Hotel in Mali [194]
Gunmen Take 170 Hostage at Hotel in Mali
funphy September 2015
(new) Uk national anthem [26]
Should it be changed? Should we have one for when the queen is present ie. God save the queen and a second for when she is not ie. Land of hope and gl
birdy September 2015
(new) Thoughts 6.0 [20834]
You know the drill. Post your thoughts here.

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