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sisfreak2017 8 days
(new) Awwwwe Cooochie Cooochie Cooo [134]
Share them ANYTHING you deem cute and cuddly Pine Martin so cute but not really liking being cuddled
sisfreak2017 May 2021
(new) Lockdown's Ended Now...? [262]
19 Miles East of Manchester / UK! I hate some / 'most' of my neighbours. How nice are your neighbours? Yesterday (Tuesday) and today (Wedne
sisfreak2017 April 2021
(new) Noris isn't dead! (8)
Contrary to recent rumours, Noris isn't dead afterall ! Apparently, he's just chosen to live a secluded life onboard U-475 currently moored on
sisfreak2017 March 2021
(new) What day of the week do you want to die on? (10)
dead.gifdeath.gifdead.gif I wash thinking Thursday would be a good choice. How about you, what's your choice of day to die on? Do be
sisfreak2017 January 2021
(new) MASSIVE BAGS OF CRISPS etc [110]
Do theese MASSIVE bags 0f crisps etc tempt you or is a small bag enough. ?

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sisfreak2017 9 hours 16 minutes
A DBS update subscription.cop.gif
sisfreak2017 16 hours
sisfreak2017 15 hours
Save me some Blue Whiting, Soffe. fishing.gif
sisfreak2017 3 hours 38 minutes
Flu vaccination later today.
sisfreak2017 16 hours
Could all waggon drivers please report to the job entre. They have a nice surprise for you.badsurprise.gif

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sidfire7 May 2021
(new) Refresh [11]
It beats in every heart.. My energy for the thought It's like an aggressive storm.. like a blanket keeping you warm [ I gotta keep
vikman March 2021
(new) Break you down [25]
What break you down?
9362 January 2021
(new) Is this norris's doing? (2)
53yr old man from Chatham arrested and charged with sending a suspicious device to a covid manufacturing plant in Wales....
1clivey1 January 2021
(new) trump/usa cont..... pinned [9347]
Old ones slowed today trumps impeachment to go ahead trial starts in jan 2020
jayna January 2021
(new) I'm 21 today. [16]
21 today he hi, he hi, he hi ho I'm 21 today. While juice is still an itch in his daddy's pants.

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