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skatty September 2018
(new) So on a brighter note [124]
Whats the best picture you took this week?
skatty May 2017
(new) Oh dear. [158]
What a disgusting company, selling this book at a discount price, purposely to make money on it and nothing to do with being the best discount book st
skatty March 2017
skatty January 2017
skatty January 2017

* Replies:
skatty September 2018
Its a great picture
skatty September 2018
@ piggle - 29.08.18 - 07:37pm End of festival fireworksWow! That yours? Thats an amazing picture.
skatty September 2018
@ sourface - 29.08.18 - 06:57pm bit blurred but whatever.Shes pretty.
skatty September 2018
skatty September 2018
I fu*king hope so lol.gif

* Favourites:
wickedwitch March 2021
wakeup4 October 2017
(new) Not so progressive [87]
Transgender woman found guilty of r*ping
dodgey October 2017
(new) Hello [29]
Hope you're all ok
manchesr October 2017
(new) Hi peeps [23]
What's everyone upto tonight?? I'm staying in with my pus*y tat cat.gif
endemic October 2017
(new) Wild game meat [25]
What's the best wild game meat that you've had? I've had kudu biltong. Nice good.gif

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