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superunknown September 2018
(new) Is it petty [101]
Is it petty not to help someone that needs help because you don't like them? I know someone that has health issues, and everyone is asking for donatio
superunknown September 2018
(new) Buds [56]
ok fresh start. Send me a request if you wish. clap.gif I'm ready.
superunknown August 2018
(new) Adult Kids [35]
I'm just wondering if anyone here has any adult kids? I'm curious how often people hear from their adults. Yesterday was the first day ever I didn't h

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superunknown March 2019
Really weird week. Glad it's over. meditate.gif
superunknown October 2018
I have a few friends that always tell me they love me. It's a lot, but I think they are just affectionate. lol
superunknown June 2020
@ 1clivey1 - 9.10.18 - 04:06pm ..our 2 psycho'sHeey, the white one looks like my dog when she wasn't fat. aww.gif
superunknown October 2018
What's this about coming what what lol
superunknown October 2018
@ gt_tdi - 8.10.18 - 11:27pm I made that up. I think. I haven't watched it since about season 4.</i

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