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tranie 28 days
(new) Binge watch [46]
What was the last thing you binge watched ?
tranie August 2021
(new) Incel ? [80]
For those who dont know ''Incel'' is a group of young men who cant get laid. It stands for Involuntary celebate. There seems to be a whole generation
tranie January 2021
(new) Flat earth ? [633]
In London there is a lot of graffitti popping up saying ''google'' flat earth, and flat earth society. Just wondering IF the earth did indeed turn out
tranie January 2021
(new) Rip Barbara Windsor (10)
Rip little blonde bombshell sad.gif
tranie July 2020
(new) Coffee Machines [65]
Ok so iv been dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century by the addition of a coffee machine to our household. I have resisted this far becau

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strawfox 1 day 19 hours
(new) We WIN pinned [2533]
BIDEN 2020 ... tRump 10 to 20
ogdenz July 2021
(new) I'm not wearing that! [74]
What item of clothing would you not wear? Or feel very uncomfortable wearing? I've just had an advert for pink Dr Martens pop up..not a chance mat
sofia.sparks June 2021
(new) Married with a kid [34]
Means married to a husband and already have a kid. Some idioms that is unfamiliar to a non native ...for me it sounds like married to a kid. Maybe you
xivanax April 2021
(new) Adverts [153]
What was or is your favourite advert from back when you was wee or fan adverts was better than the programmes. What catchie tune do you still sing or
marty75c February 2021
(new) Columbo or murder she wrote? [30]
Which do you prefer. The most boring post ever

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