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warded October 2021
(new) Burn the Witch ! [27]
Apparently happened recently in Guatemala. read
warded August 2021
(new) Estonia's independence (6)
Was declared exactly 30 years ago. party Have a good one, our funnily speaking friends.
warded August 2021
(new) Meri Kurisumasu (4)
Merry xmas everybody!
warded November 2020
(new) Medieval sword attack [22]
In Canada a few days ago. No muslims involved.
warded September 2020
(new) Lake Bodom Murders (6)
It is pretty obvious who did it, but Espoo's police was just plain poo at the time. No proper forensics, running after false leads, believing the stor

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warded 1 hour 9 minutes
warded 1 hour 9 minutes
warded 3 hours
scaring other patrons
warded 2 hours 2 minutes
antiloop - believe
warded 6 hours 3 minutes
At least the air is fairly dry. We don't need a friggin tropical summer here to ruin our moods.

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