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n1ck 14 hours
(new) Bible Scriptures pinned [1393]
Grace and peace to all who enter here! Brothers and sisters, let us post scriptures from the Bible here daily to uplift and strengthen our faith, and
trunking 1 day 21 hours
(new) What would God say.. (3)
If you had to come face-to-face with the Creator, what do you think He'll most probably say to you? A word of encouragement? Some reassurance?
1owlcity 4 days
miaiad 10 days
(new) Life after Death (Verses from the Quran) [39]
Life after death is one of the essential beliefs in Islam and some other religions. Here, I just list some of Quran verses that shows (1) This
miaiad 16 days
(new) Islam for Beginners [29]
Mr Abdullah Rushdy, a young Egyptian scholar, is making good short videos in simple language for those wanna know more about the Islamic Faith.
trunking April 2022
(new) Religion of Eckankar (1)
Anyone heard about this? It's quite interesting really. Can see how it appeals to many.
newfaith April 2022
(new) Muslim conversion [38]
Is it compulsory to get circumcision while accepting Islam or it's optional. For adults I mean
9362 April 2022
(new) Happy ramadan (8)
To all what celebrate it...have a good one
slick_01 April 2022
(new) Does he talk to You? (2)
Does Satan ever talk to You? If you ever have fear, negative thoughts, evil and self doubt, that is Satan creating doubts, negativity and evil in your
alvar89 April 2022
(new) Did Jesus of Nazareth ever actually exist? (7)
Hello everyone.Make your case here and try to keep it civilised no name calling and other childish behaviour. Lets hope those who find it interesting
freakyking April 2022
(new) Prophet muhammad [87]
All muslim here should Praise him if you know is worthness
qmangjmc April 2022
(new) i see signs that GOD exist or existed . . . do you [59]
i know most dont believe GOD ever existed but i see signs and its almost 100 percent clear that GOD exist or existed none believers look a
nancz April 2022
(new) **Story of Ayesha** pinned [1310]
First I wanna ask to you all show some respect and let me finish the story of 'Ayesha'. If anyone posts something irrelevant in this topic Ill ask the
bathomet March 2022
(new) God is a female (3)
Female powere. Men cant rule everything. Xtians dp u agree?
nuffox February 2022
(new) Study the bible . [66]
Study the bible to show yourself approved the word of lord god In heaven .

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