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kristy59 2 hours 12 minutes
(new) New CHRISTIAN CHAT BOX pinned [3446]
This post is for all Christians who enjoy chatting with friends and family. However, we do not supply soap boxes for people to air their views on the
urvoice1 8 days
(new) child marriage on the rise [91]
In Malaysia, girls under the age of 16 cannot legally drive or buy cigarettes. They cant even watch certain movies or go clubbing. But they can marry
emozcar 11 days
(new) Point of view on Divorce (0)
There are only two countries in the world which has no divorce law , Vatican and Philippines... However, in the Philippines... divorce is almost on it
trunking 16 days
(new) You Already Got It! (3)
I was made whole by Jesus Christ and this is the only direction my body can go. Devil you can't have me, I have already been bought!
trunking 16 days
trunking 17 days
(new) Jesus said He's God (0)
In His own words: John 10:30 New International Version 30 ''I and the Father are one.'' And, John 10:38 New International V
miaiad 19 days
(new) Learn Islam from Hadith [262]
Salaams everyone wave.gif I thought of starting this topic to learn more about Islam from Hadith, given that majority of topics here might have been
n1ck May 2024
(new) Bible Scriptures pinned [1479]
Grace and peace to all who enter here! Brothers and sisters, let us post scriptures from the Bible here daily to uplift and strengthen our faith, and
1owlcity May 2024
(new) Gospel Music [116]
This will feed and enlighten our souls. I'll start with: Planetshakers - WE SPEAK LIFE
truth_4u April 2024
(new) Islam-True Religion pinned [2064] In the na
trunking April 2024
(new) Why does God heal... [43]
Some people and others He does not?
9362 March 2024
(new) Happy ramadan [13]
To all what celebrate it...have a good one
slick_01 February 2024
(new) Selling your soul to the Devil [46]
This is not a new phenomena, I'm sure most people must at some point have heard of people that have sold their soul to the devil for riches and fame e
9362 February 2024
(new) happy birthday miaiad [33]
Ok so it's a day late but hope you had a great birthday.Hope your daughter got you something nice
trunking January 2024
(new) Please clarify.. [15]
Surah Maedah (Chapter 5) Ayah 51. Thumbsup.gif

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