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I thought of starting this topic to learn more about Islam from Hadith, given that majority of topics here might have been focused to refer to Quran mainly.
Hope this be useful. Feel free to comment, or ask, but hope this be less debate-oriented. Thanks blossom.gif
First What is a Hadith?
Hadith in Arabic language has two meanings
(1) Modern or new.
(2) A talk.
When in religious context, Hadith means: All talks/sayings, or actions, or affirmations that were narrated and confirmed be by the Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him).
The scholars have developed many tools and even an entire science to verify the authenticity of narrated Hadiths (simply because anyone can claim anything that has been said, etc). These include science of Hadith terms, science of men, chains of narrators and it's loopholes, etc.. we won't be discussing these topics here.
Hadiths have talked about all aspects of religion and life such as: faith, character, worship, biographies and history, miracles, tafser/interpretation, social and civil laws, etc..
Hope we can be quite comprehensive here and mention on all these topics.
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