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miaiad 28 days
(new) Learn Islam from Hadith [264]
Salaams everyone wave.gif I thought of starting this topic to learn more about Islam from Hadith, given that majority of topics here might have been
miaiad September 2022
miaiad May 2022
(new) Life after Death (Verses from the Quran) [39]
Life after death is one of the essential beliefs in Islam and some other religions. Here, I just list some of Quran verses that shows (1) This
miaiad April 2022
(new) Islam for Beginners [29]
Mr Abdullah Rushdy, a young Egyptian scholar, is making good short videos in simple language for those wanna know more about the Islamic Faith.
miaiad July 2021
(new) 90/10 [12]
We seldom really rely on chance in our everyday life - for the most part, we decide ourselves how our day will be. That's what writer Stephen Covey ca

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miaiad 1 day 5 hours
@ almaida - 20.07.24 - 01:12pm Assalamualaikum. how are you friend. i was here when i was 18 different use
miaiad 3 days
@ trunking - 17.07.24 - 11:22am Felt really sick after my colonoscopy. Was vomiting for hours. Never havin
miaiad 1 day 5 hours
@ slick_01 - 15.07.24 - 08:43pm They're all locked up in my dungeon, and so was mialad. I don't know how h
miaiad 1 day 5 hours
Ya nod.gif But majority left or in siesta mode
miaiad 28 days
Divorce should be the last solution, after taking all efforts let couples get along and have a good happy life.. But if no way othwerwise, then cou

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9362 September 2022
(new) LOVE CLUB 2 pinned [1463]
Throws the doors open a second time,drags warriors obese body inside and throws a shoe at lil's wailing cats
urvoice1 November 2014
(new) Not another israel topic [14]
Malala Yousafzai has donated 50,000 (31,300) to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency to help rebuild schools in Gaza after winning the World's C
intended August 2014
(new) IAF hits Gaza [1894]
After a rocket attack from Gaza earlier on today , Israel hots back
9362 August 2013
(new) The love club [66638]
The religion of love;founder members shady and gbopp,everyone is free to join,peace,love and harmony to all
9362 January 2020
(new) Lets learn arabic pinned [1073] .. Yes there is a post of the same name in the international forum.however i think there is a need

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