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slick_01 February 2024
(new) Selling your soul to the Devil [46]
This is not a new phenomena, I'm sure most people must at some point have heard of people that have sold their soul to the devil for riches and fame e
slick_01 April 2022
(new) Does he talk to You? (2)
Does Satan ever talk to You? If you ever have fear, negative thoughts, evil and self doubt, that is Satan creating doubts, negativity and evil in your
slick_01 April 2020
(new) Oh Corona why oh Why (8)
What does your religion or beliefs say about the current corona pandemic ? And how to save yourself from it ?
slick_01 February 2020
(new) Satans Distractions (9)
What are the toughest trials and temptations of Satan that you have experienced ?
slick_01 February 2020
(new) Hypocritical (3)
Most of yall claim to believe in God, yet follow Satans foot steps each day.

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slick_01 1 day 5 hours
They're all locked up in my dungeon, and so was mialad. I don't know how he escaped though.. shocked2.gif
slick_01 February 2024
So nobody has sold their sold to Satan yet? lmao.gif But Satan ain't worried because he already Influences people each day through negative thoug
slick_01 February 2024
@ 9362 - 4.12.14 - 12:14am Ok so it's a day late but hope you had a great birthday.Hope your daughter got
slick_01 April 2024
@ ladibud - 27.09.23 - 01:36pm I don't think He does. I don't think He sits there chosing who will be heal
slick_01 February 2024
Imagine Mialad selling his soul to the Devil and suddenly putting up satanic posts pmpl.gif

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