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urvoice1 June 2024
(new) child marriage on the rise [91]
In Malaysia, girls under the age of 16 cannot legally drive or buy cigarettes. They cant even watch certain movies or go clubbing. But they can marry
urvoice1 April 2017
(new) And still it goes on (2)
Malaysian MP Shabudin Yahaya has drawn condemnation after appearing to suggest it was okay for r*pists to marry their victims, and that those aged 12
urvoice1 April 2016
(new) 3 men and a baby (6)
But things were not always like this. Cinemas could be found in Gaza before being destroyed during the first Palestinian uprising in 1987. The same ye
urvoice1 April 2016
(new) Battle of the Camel (Wafers) (2)
Police are investigating death threats made against human rights lawyer Aamer Anwar. Mr Anwar, who lives in Glasgow, said he received the threats a
urvoice1 April 2016
(new) Easily confused ? [44]
First, it was the use of the word Allah in Christian bibles, now it's 'no pork' restaurants ... KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 13 The Domestic Trade, Consumerism

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urvoice1 January 2019
@ vampboy - 4.04.18 - 05:36pm I knew your username ringed a bell.Can't be the same guy, he's
urvoice1 January 2018
First they came for St Nicholas, and I did not care because I wasn't an elf, then they came for St Valentine, and I did not care because I didn't have
urvoice1 January 2018
If santa had a talking pen, he wouldn't have to check his list twice santa.gif
urvoice1 January 2018
Santa doesn't appear in any religious book. I mean, no religion would believe in a thing like flying reindeer, would they chin.gif
urvoice1 January 2023
@ smohamed - 8.09.17 - 02:32pm Its been a while!!!!!!!Good to see you popping in, I hope you

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bozzalad January 2014
(new) israel [183]
Is it time all western support for Israel is put on hold until Israel acts in a humane n moral manner ?.
cyberman April 2014
(new) Muslims have not [93]
and will not chop n change our beliefs 2 fit in or because sum ppl complain our religion is perfect it doesnt need 2 change we hav 2 change submit 2 A
sufina September 2012
(new) pastor bob old [95]
pastor bob old of tenesse who burnt the holy Quraan last week died in a fatal car crash this morning. . . R.I.P
jonangel January 2012
(new) All Religions believe in gods [20]
Is it not The same one but with all different names for him. Personally I'm a athiest but u don't knock what people believe in that's your choice

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