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jager45 June 2023
(new) NOKIA R.I.P [22]
Yes peeps, soon no more the name NOKIA. Thanx too microsoft.
funtikar July 2022
(new) J2ME phone future? [40]
Will j2me phone fade away?
dimipov May 2022
(new) mms on N95 [11]
anyone know how to setup an mms acess point on an n95?
vopopez April 2022
(new) What your model [97]
Just submit your model
spunkydj April 2022
(new) Kaios (3)
What do you think of this os on the new nokia feature phones just curious what you all think
nomber November 2021
(new) Nokia 7700 (1)
Unreleased Nokia 7700 prototype
munna_cr July 2021
(new) Bangla JAVA eBOOKs [63]
Assalamualaikum, I am here sharing with ya some useful Java ebooks developed(not written) by sir Walaiul Islam who is a well known bangladeshi free la
imamjesu12 April 2021
(new) Nokia phone (6)
Nokia phone is the best yes/no
mogo January 2021
(new) sup? (6)
any of da old crew here? :D
jupiter2 January 2021
It's been so long here in prodigits... There was a time when prodigits meant a lot to me...
jupiter2 September 2020
There was a time when I used to create topics, make friends, help others regularly. Prodigits forum was my second family. And now, nothing left here..
trailrunner June 2020
(new) favourite old nokia [14]
which is your favourite old nokia phone? i was thinking about this earlier and the nokia 6320 classic comes to mind, the midi tones used to soun
flash May 2020
You press the GO TO MENU button and the phone turn off. The solution to the problem is to delete the last bookmark or replace it with another bookmark
flash May 2020
(new) GO TO MENU problem (7)
When i click to GO TO MENU on my nokia 3200 phone my phone restart itself. HELP worry
abdulherphyz May 2020
(new) Code (1)
does anyone knw the cheat to enjoy free browsing on nokia 215. With airtel sim

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