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funtikar July 2022
(new) J2ME phone future? [40]
Will j2me phone fade away?
funtikar July 2014
(new) what are some good qwerty nokia s40/asha phone? (3)
the title, i currently own a china blackberry clone and looking for a replacement, i dont want the E series/s60 phone, and i dont want blacberry bcaus
funtikar May 2013
(new) Asha 501 (5)
nokia asha 501, 3.2mp ,wifi ,2g ,3.0 capacitive ts,dual sim,new design ala lumia,'Fastlane' and swipe... whats your view on this device?
funtikar July 2012
(new) S40 Prov Generator 2.0 [31]
I did a remake for my s40 prov maker app that can be run on your phone(without Internet or PC!). But this app requires you first to install AlchemyOS
funtikar July 2012
(new) Alchemy OS (7)
Here's a new linux-like App/Environment. With this app you can program your own app using E programming language which is better than MobileBASIC. Dow

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funtikar July 2022
lol so I know the answer atleast for phone J2ME haha...
funtikar January 2021
wow its jupiter2! wheres ur xtgem site? haha
funtikar June 2023
lol it's here but it's not the same Nokia
funtikar June 2023
dead it is then.. any some of the old buddies still silently reading?
funtikar June 2014
much of nokia phones are targeted towards developing / 3rd world country, i dont think any of these country has english as their native language.. so

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