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munna_cr July 2021
(new) Bangla JAVA eBOOKs [63]
Assalamualaikum, I am here sharing with ya some useful Java ebooks developed(not written) by sir Walaiul Islam who is a well known bangladeshi free la
munna_cr July 2013
Update facebook status with unique fonts like flip arabic samurai etc, or change api, use bold font right with your s40 or anymobile, just visit http:
munna_cr August 2012
(new) MAKE JAVA APP [21]
Assalamualaikum, how u r doing? I AM BACK AFTER A SHORT PERIOD... well, I was dreaming of making java app online since long long time. I have neither
munna_cr May 2012
(new) Download youtube videos [14]
just copy the youtube link, delete *www.* before the link and add *ss* . Example if your youtube link is
munna_cr April 2012
(new) :airtel bd internet trick: [14]
1 mb 1 taka with unlimited validity. Anyone knows the trick? If not I shall share here. :))

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munna_cr February 2013
@funtikar, bro, out of contex though, I have downloaded a prov maker named by you, but using kemulator I could not make any prov. It says Java runtime
munna_cr February 2013
replies 1 views 466 . May be others thumbs are broken so they did not leave any reply.
munna_cr May 2012
(new) u think is secure? I can upload a code on userscripts and steal your saved password from browser, also can sniff your cookies a
munna_cr May 2012
Yes has the ability to convert videos to HD mp4.
munna_cr May 2012
:@ its specially for pc users, dont worry , from s40 visit no need to wait for conversion. Just search and download.

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