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spunkydj 29 days
(new) Kaios (3)
What do you think of this os on the new nokia feature phones just curious what you all think
spunkydj October 2019
(new) Nokia remakes (0)
what do you guys think off the nokia remakes that are out and new ones coming out going to watch the reviews on the nokia tough and 2520 that is comin
spunkydj October 2019
(new) symbian or windows (10)
which you think is the best software
spunkydj August 2015
(new) Opera 4.5 and 5 defaults (4)
How do i delete these out of a nokia C3 touch and type
spunkydj July 2015
(new) Opera wont update (2)
Trying to update opera mini 5 to 8 and keeps saying invalid update any help please

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spunkydj 29 days
Me personally think its slow and sluggish as my old symbian runs pages faster
spunkydj October 2019
so is the nokia c five
spunkydj October 2019
The new 3310 is a blood good phone
spunkydj January 2020
Nokia 3310 3G
spunkydj April 2019
no i dont i use the nokia c5 5mp

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