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sisfreak2017 10 days
(new) Brand new old symbian phone. (4)
blush.gif One of my sisters has just bought a brand new Nokia E75 roflmao.gif Granted she does only make voice calls and text messages, but
sidfire7 April 2021
(new) any old school [55]
Symbian freaks around ? BTW sid.gif
alladin January 2021
(new) Jscott [63]
Anyone remember this cool admin ? Where are you metul j! Symbian era!
rick1979 January 2021
(new) re (7)
how do i stop browsers saying error while connecting to sites like skysports facebook and etc etc
ermah6 January 2021
(new) n95 8gb (6)
i have an n95 8gb running on chinese operating system. Is it posible 4 me to flash it and load the original n95 8gb?
flash January 2021
(new) Symbian phone (4)
Is there still Symbian phones out there?
spunkydj January 2021
(new) who uses symbian still (7)
who still uses these phones
spunkydj September 2020
(new) nokia E72 (5)
just got one given also good phone
flash July 2020
(new) S60 friends [26]
Anyone remember me FLASH I am now at the android forum using a BLU studio G phone good
flash May 2020
(new) Your imagined applic [150]
idea I would like a software developer to make a application to set phone camera to start video
flash May 2020
(new) Whatsapp v2.10.163 [24]
Update to version 2.10.163 good
anjan August 2019
(new) We prodigits USERS pinned [608]
My name is ANJAN,,, ANJAN SARMA (real name)..I am from calcutta.India...I am working in a state govt hospital as store-keeper...i hv two daughters an
ghostwriter August 2019
spunkydj April 2019
(new) how many [16]
of use still use a symbian phone
spunkydj March 2019
(new) Which is better [23]
Opera mobile or uc browser

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