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budz3510 September 2022
(new) Budz here (2)
Where are you people.. symbians are gone, android robot arising.
budz3510 October 2013
budz3510 July 2012
(new) Google map locator (0)
How a about a friend with map visible? Or add me
budz3510 April 2012
(new) My n5800 swap e72 (2)
What do you think guys? From 5800 to e72, isnt wise? I need your symbian expertise views.

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budz3510 June 2022
i here
budz3510 October 2013
buy it as part of collections.
budz3510 October 2015
N97 my main phone...
budz3510 February 2013
I used to have E75, processor not much, e72 the best.
budz3510 November 2012
Heres sample tricks using handlerHUI203:Primary Serverhttp://homepage4080.239.242.222:80/ http://homepage4080.239.242.113:80/ http://homepage4080.239.

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nisha8 April 2012
(new) which phone? [35]
I am planning to buy a good Nokia phone confused which one pick ,currently using Samsung galaxy s and it showing some problems and I don't want to go
c_breezy February 2012
(new) Nokia E71 hack (9)
can someone please help me out to hack my phone so i can download torrent apps and stuff ???
k0k0k February 2012
(new) Happy Birthday Datutm!!! [24]
birthday my good friend Datutm...

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