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flash June 2022
(new) S60 friends [30]
Anyone remember me FLASH I am now at the android forum using a BLU studio G phone good
flash February 2022
(new) Symbian phone (8)
Is there still Symbian phones out there?
flash May 2020
(new) Your imagined applic [150]
idea I would like a software developer to make a application to set phone camera to start video
flash May 2020
(new) Whatsapp v2.10.163 [24]
Update to version 2.10.163 good
flash May 2013
(new) Whatsapp v2.9.7211 (0)
Update to version 2.9.7211 good

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flash February 2022
Symbian is living in the past
flash January 2022
Some network give free data on 2g network to free up 3g and 4g service overload
flash January 2021
flash June 2022
I am now using a coolpad mega 5 phone number now
flash May 2020
In series 30 forum

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