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sisfreak2017 January 2022
(new) Brand new old symbian phone. (6)
blush.gif One of my sisters has just bought a brand new Nokia E75 roflmao.gif Granted she does only make voice calls and text messages, but

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sisfreak2017 October 2022
License key for FreecallSkulls. IMEI:109876543212345 BRAINSLUG.gif
sisfreak2017 June 2022
sisfreak2017 April 2022
@ yogii - 23.03.22 - 07:17pm Symbian ot dead lol But it appears that it's keyboard is still b
sisfreak2017 May 2022
Hello,6600, we're glad that you've come back. Please don't just do a shuffle and leave us alone with them!
sisfreak2017 February 2022
@ flash - 11.01.22 - 02:12pm Symbian is living in the pastBecause of this comment, you have

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