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veerz 21 days
(new) 20 YEARS LATER (5)
Greetings all, I cant believe 20 years later and this website is still active and my profile still exists. I gained most of my knowledge on symbian he
veerz June 2012
(new) creatures of the deep? (7)
I'm sure you symbian guys remember this ngage game. I love it on my N81 unfortunately it packed up a long time ago and I just can't find something lik

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veerz April 2022
Hi Guys visiting after more than 10 years, cant believe Jscott is still around
veerz June 2012
I also enjoyed krally I really wish I could see these games again on newer devices
veerz October 2010
And what happen to dotsis
veerz September 2010
I doubt a symbian phone would impress a lady the samsung star seems to have a better affect on them
veerz October 2022
Thanks ebson

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