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usb3.1 November 2021
(new) Finger print scanners (3)
Ive read on many a forum people asking why has my finger print scanner stopped working? Well the simple answer is.. It hasnt... Its the wea
john_163 November 2021
(new) S8 Wont Charge (3)
So My S8 wont charge With The Fast Charger, But if i use the usb cabe connected on a usb port on a extension board it charges but connect it via fast
olamilekan102 June 2021
(new) Phone (4)
Iphone 12 pro max vs galaxy s21 ultra
sxcrico April 2021
(new) How to track stolen phone (8)
I wonder if anyone can assist me in tracking my stolen phone the cops aren't helpful at all.
kinglamba February 2021
(new) Hello guys (2)
Please how many gb ram do samsung s20 ultra have (is it 8gb or 16gb ram)
recurve16 October 2020
(new) Galaxy A71 [13]
just got one. Anybody else got one ? Any handy hints ?
st1nga September 2020
(new) Galaxy S8 (6)
My S8 saying moisture in the charge port. How do I fix this??
ezzzzzze September 2020
(new) Can sum1 plz help ?? (0)
I'm trying to unlock my A50 plz sum1 x
mopac September 2020
(new) Samsung A30 MDM Lock (3)
mopac @mopac Submit Hello Tech Gurus, its been long since I showed up here. Hope everyone is superb. I have a Samsung A305F and it has a pat
recurve16 September 2020
(new) Galaxy S10 Lite [11]
Ok upgrade time again. My network is offering me a new S10 Lite, unlimited calls, unlimited texts and 40GB data for 51 quid per month. I'm s
aks700 February 2020
(new) All model Samsung Problem, Codes and Solutions! [136]
Post your problems, required secret code, or any query and answer asked questions if you can!
mcsnoop February 2020
(new) samsung cloud (3)
is samsung cloud only exclusive to samsung phones? i cant seem to find it in the play store.
banbury July 2019
(new) Galaxy Note 5 in the UK (7)
I bought a used Note 5 in the UK thats in as new condition. its an N920T which iam lead to believe is the American T-mobile version. its currently on
t2jizzle April 2019
(new) Unlocking Note 9 Sprint (2)
Who can assist with this?
sxcrico April 2019
(new) Stolen phone (3)
Hi people Please can anyone assist me in tracking down my stolen phone. Please I really need help it's a Samsung s7 edge or is there a wa

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