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mopac September 2020
(new) Samsung A30 MDM Lock (3)
mopac @mopac Submit Hello Tech Gurus, its been long since I showed up here. Hope everyone is superb. I have a Samsung A305F and it has a pat
mopac April 2018
(new) SM-G935F Downgrade (5)
Hey people, I have a Samsung Edge G935F unfortunately after upgrading to 7 from 6, it now has 00000000000 as the IMEI. I tried repairing with Chimera
mopac November 2016
(new) Samsung GT-S5282 (3)
Hello people, I have a Samsung GT-S5282 unfortunately its failing to boot up. It justgets stuck on Encryption failed. Unable to complete encryption du
mopac July 2016
(new) Note 4 Keeps restarting (8)
Hello everyone, I am kindly asking for some help. I have a Note 4 and this morning, it kept on rebooting itself. I tried resetting it by holding the p
mopac May 2016
(new) Samsung Tab P1000 (0)
Hello guys, I have a Samsung Tab P1000 with unknown baseband and unknown IMEI number. Is there anyone out there who can help me fix it? I tried Octopl

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mopac September 2020
It's my own phone that I bought with my own hard earned money so quit the give the phone back crap!!!!
mopac April 2018
@3mel, thanks for always lending a helping hand. I have downloaded about four different flash files now from various regions. France, UK, Slovakia and
mopac July 2016
Thanks everyone for you kindness. We need a lot of you in this world to make it a better place for everyone to live in. I managed to solve the problem
mopac July 2016
3mel, it just started misbehaving on itself. I tried to reset it but all to no avail. Please kindly help me out. Right now, I am using it whilst plugg
mopac September 2011
rap2 d*mn!! Nokia Mighty Symbian N73 rocks big time!! Goodbye you Java people..

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