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spunkydj September 2023
(new) Why doesnt (0)
Samsung integrated google services instead of microsoft as I find google been a lot better
spunkydj May 2015
(new) samsung wave 2 (0)
thinking of buying my niece one as her first phone i want to know what they like
spunkydj February 2015
(new) Samsung vs Nokia [104]
which one would you buy i say Samsung as i had loads of Nokia and they all rubbish x x x
spunkydj February 2015
(new) pixon M8800 (0)
can anyone tell me what this phone is like thanks
spunkydj February 2015
(new) opera 4.5 (0)
where can i get opera 4.5 screen size 240*400 (imemova4)

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spunkydj February 2023
Volume up and power button then press volume down to reset job done
spunkydj February 2015
just bought the samsung m8800 may be old but the new phones are not built to last
spunkydj February 2015
Got the samsung galaxy y now good little phone
spunkydj June 2014
for bada web browsers as default one is rubbish
spunkydj February 2015
I got the Samsung wave y and its a good little phone for the price

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