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belond June 2018
(new) Whats ur model? pinned [345]
Whats ur phone model.
toddster February 2016
(new) *SGH GAME REQUESTS * pinned [110]
If you want a samsung game and cant find it anywhere then leave a request in this topic instead of creating a new topic just for one request and a mem
toddster April 2015
(new) *SAMSUNG GAME SITES* pinned [45]
Due to the fact there is no definative topic and people keep asking for games by creating new topics which eventually get deleted so this topic has be
25_08 June 2012
(new) ** MP3 REQUEST ** pinned [1440]
Ok, lots of people have been requesting mp3s and flooding forum, so pls ppl post ur request here, and maybe sum1 can help find it 4 u. dance
ray23 May 2012
(new) samsung codes pinned [303]
I got codes for samsung and i know alot about them. Ask me and i will post here. NO UNLOCK CODE REQUESTS.
clank September 2011
(new) Samsung Club pinned [517]
Who all comes to this samsung forum? Sign here x lets get some life in this joint!! Dance
tops31 October 2010
(new) D500 codes n tips pinned [52]
Hi everyone lets start a forum for codes tips sites and more for the samsung D500, i'll start with the unlocking code #*7337#
dani2xll July 2010
(new) **FaQ Please READ!** pinned [84]
this is an admin information... question and answer post.. More subjects will be added, as and when we think of them...Irrelevant replies will be dele
marcoxxx July 2008
(new) E700 tips pinned [217]
Got to samsung fun club.pick country pacific asia then australia. Only place you can register. Register then you can download free voice wall and scre
encarta January 2008
(new) STICKY opera mini pinned [47]
Opera mini is a mobile application which allows you to view web pages by seperating and compressing them, there is already an opera mini post in wap a
xtinafan August 2007
(new) Samsung tip pinned [1482]
(tips by xtinafan) 2 SAVE UP2 5TIMES LESS ON FOTOS* Make a note how much KBs u hav.Cre8 a Multimedia msg.Add foto and clik options den ad page.Do it u
cheety September 2006
(new) mmf and voice mmf pinned [57]
Check out my prodigits wap site links for over 100 voice tones and thousands of mmf ring tones for any samsung phone. Add your fav site for tones here
afghanin January 2006
(new) D500 (Information) pinned [104]
Hello every1 lets start with helpful information 4 D500

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