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adeeb222 20 hours
flash 13 days
My best windows 7 update will be end on January 14, 2020. Let us all protects to Microsoft for ten years extension
savage01 16 days
(new) Backup (3)
Hi ive had a problem with my screen on my laptop its broken basically what is the best way to backup or to transfer my data onto a external drive. Ple
savage01 20 days
(new) SSD health. (3)
Hi, could anyone recommend an app so i can see my ssd health pls? either a link or an app thanks!
john_163 25 days
(new) RTX 3060ti worth it? (5)
ok now that im back in usa, tought the gpu's would be cheap, but no. why are they so expensive? 1300 dollor for an rtx 3060ti? really? a msi laptop wi
3mel August 2021
(new) Windows 11 Controversy Incoming !?? [13]
the next version of windows isn't far away but it turns out windows has decided to drastically restrict the computers that will be able to install it.
savage01 July 2021
(new) VLC media player (5)
Hey, when i put in one DVD it works but when i put in another it says Your input can't be opened: VLC is unable to open the MRL 'dvd:///D:/'. Check
sparky04 July 2021
(new) Drones [25]
Just wondering if anyone here uses, or owns one. Just got myself the mavic pro. Picture quality is second to none a decent range too.
olamilekan102 June 2021
(new) Phones [11]
Which one are you likely to choose: Iphone 12 pro max Or the fancy galaxy s21 ultra(my choice)
mandor June 2021
(new) File access issue (2)
Hi hope someone can help. My laptop died so l got a hard drive enclosure for the HD to continue to use it but when plugged into the computer, it wont
bubza May 2021
(new) 4K Youtube streaming - Android boxes (3)
Hey guys, I am looking to buy an android TV box. I want to know names of android TV boxes that can stream 4K youtube videos. Cheaper the
savage01 May 2021
(new) Screensavers windows 10 (7)
Hi, does anyone know where to get free screensavers for windows 10? Thanks.
john_163 March 2021
(new) BSOD on my New PC [14]
strange never had this issue untill today, pc suddnly crashed with this error
vaidos March 2021
(new) Vinyl To MP3 (2)
Good morning friends My friend ripped an LP I was borrowing and sent me a download link. But the bass part of the songs don't sound nice. Here'
john_163 February 2021
ok here's what old hdd never showed any signs of dying or anything else, all i did was i left clicked on the hdd property's went to secur

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