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warded 19 hours
(new) Process Explorer (2)
If you think windows task manager does not tell you enough, try this little tool from microsoft technet instead. good Personally have used it for over
w..h..y 15 days
(new) Red Hat Linux [14]
Im tryin install RHL.. I gt a error msg: ''an error occurred transferring the install are probably out of disck space''! I got a 80G HDD..
flash 17 days
(new) WSA PACMAN (0)
You can use WSA PACMAN to installed apk and xapk files to WINDOWS 10 and 11 PC after you install windows subsystem for android
john_163 19 days
(new) thermal paste replacement (9)
never replaced thermal paste before, but gona do it now, since i dnt have much knowledge about it, which do you recommend? ARCTIC MX-4 8g - 19
4juice 25 days
(new) Kodi/IPTV [31]
So what's the best box out there and what you using? I'm using a s**tty M8s android box and its well cr*p. Looking at MiniX Neo X8.
mikeymk January 2024
(new) VR headsets (2)
Games/apps, hints/tips... I've only made my way around this Meta Quest 3 on a handful of occasions, so I don't have much to share atm. .
1clivey1 January 2024
(new) Apple watch ultra (0)
Anyone got this? Its just like an iphone on wrist amazing watch my other half got me for christmas
critical January 2024
(new) youtube ads (4)
a few days ago youtube detected my browser was using sum sorta adblocker...and i had no frigging option but to accept their terms ... anyway has anyon
cobez January 2024
(new) Vlc windows 10 volume keeps going up (1)
My vlc's volume for some unknown reason started going up automatically Does anybody know why please and thank you
sianxw November 2023
(new) Tablet advice plz (2)
Has anyone got this Tablet TECLAST Tablet Android 12 P25T Tablets 10 Inch, 4GB RAM 64GB ROM(TF 1TB), Quad Core 1.8GHz, 1280800See more
cobez October 2023
(new) Power supply keeps running (1)
Sometimes when I shut down my pc (Windows 10)My powersupply will run a min or two longer before shutting off Today for the first time it didn't shut
sianxw October 2023
(new) Best Laptop (1)
Not too expensive has good memory,Ram and graphics
ndrau September 2023
(new) Free Internet (4)
Has anybody found a way for free internet in South Africa ? dog.gif
jondzani September 2023
(new) Asus R9270x DirectCU ll TOP 2gb gddr5 (2)
Help guys anyone with this card i need original bios for this card someone has flash mine without been saved so if your willing to help me Y
mikeymk August 2023
(new) Windows 11 [24]
Yay or nay? Or not yet? And if you've worked your way around it already, any likes/dislikes, tips..?

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