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4juice May 2024
(new) Kodi/IPTV [31]
So what's the best box out there and what you using? I'm using a s**tty M8s android box and its well cr*p. Looking at MiniX Neo X8.
4juice October 2021
(new) SSD [40]
well, what are their main purposes beside increasing speed?
4juice October 2016
(new) Headphone Topic [44]
Welcome Welcome all headphones lovers and fellow audiophiles who are into the mad, mad world
4juice February 2014
(new) good space gps [14]
Anyone know any good gps that will work on planes? The standard avaition ones are too complicated and expensive for me, i prefer those that is simple
4juice January 2014
(new) dns help [12]
Can't access on my home network, most probably dns issue buy i can do it on my phone network. What happened? It was working in the last 2 da

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4juice March 2017
Hijack Sorry but i need to ask something. I got a 49 keys MIDI keyboard and can only play it i
4juice March 2017
Got a ps vr and loving it so far, i actually think VR headset is a very underrated technology.
4juice May 2024
Got to know someone who run an iptv server mainly for sports. Great variety of channels available like sky sports, bt sports, nbc sports, bein, espn,
4juice September 2016
@ john_163 - 5.03.16 - 11:05am whats does this Raspberry Pi 3 actually do? is it a phone or something like
4juice May 2024
@ 3mel - 29.08.16 - 02:03pm I don't own a raspberry pi and I know what Kodi is, I just posted about using

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adeeb222 September 2021
nfxcr3w September 2022
(new) Share Your Desktop (Max 1100 x xxx) pinned [2472]
not sure if this is been posted before but would be nice to see your creative minds come to life take a snapshot of your desktop and share heres mine

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