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adeeb222 October 2021
(new) Happy 20 Prodigits (1)
I'm not as available here as I used to be once.. But Prodigits is the start of a social media for me so..HAPS
adeeb222 September 2021
adeeb222 September 2015
(new) M330 vs 820m (7)
Ok guys I am getting a laptop. My budget is bout 30-32k INR I can choose lappy with either of these graphics... Mostly the purpose is studies bu
adeeb222 September 2015
(new) windows gadgets (10)
As windows 10 doesnt has gadgets ..are there any software to show the ram and cpu usage ad weather etc on the desktop..and not using much resources it
adeeb222 April 2015
(new) resolutions. (8)
OK please help me For eg My ps3 looks good on my 32 led ....which is 720p So will it look blurry on a 1080 p or 4k TV...of same size [br

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adeeb222 September 2021
i have only 2 slots so i have an 8gb stick in one and a 4 in other, theyre both the same frequency so i dont believe its mismatched
adeeb222 September 2021
Crystaldiskinfo says 92 health on my nvme , what do u think how long is it gonna run
adeeb222 September 2021
Yeah bro , well it's a humble build and i5 4th gen , 12 gigs of ram , a GTX 1050 ti .. But gets the job done
adeeb222 September 2021
Hello guys.. Back here after too long.. just wanted to show my cpu tho
adeeb222 September 2018
@ norega - 31.12.16 - 06:17pm Yeah to much will make you go blindFap fap fap

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adeeb222 July 2011
(new) Please please help me [72]
I just brought my graphics which i paid when i created the topic your pc configuration but the guy told your mobo has problem so it cant get installed

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