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alvar89 November 2017
(new) Coffee Lake [46]
Finally a cpu upgrade on the consumer level. The new i3-s are basically last generation i5-s so a mayor value in them. The z370 chipset is a bit of a
alvar89 March 2017
(new) AMD Ryzen [76]
Looks like we finally have some competition again that has to push down prices! Ryzen 7 1800x vs intel core i7 6900k. The ryzen is slightly faster wit
alvar89 October 2016
(new) GTX 1070 [37]
Which one is the best to get Asus strix, EVGA SC or Gigabyte g1 gaming? Seen that the g1 runs the coolest. Have had great stuff from gigabyte all comp
alvar89 June 2015
(new) GTX 980 ti vs Radeon 390X [33]
Both will be out soon. Rumors say the 980 ti will be announced on tuesday and the 390x any time now also. The 980 ti will be alot faster compared to t
alvar89 August 2013
(new) Ivy Bridge Overclocking [241]
Some OC talk. What stable clocks have you gotten with your sandy/ivy bridge cpus? and what settings? Been messing around a bit with my 3770k and am ki

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alvar89 22 hours
The msi b450 mobos are some of the best on the b450 chipset and can even do a bit of overclocking. They even take a 16 core 5950x but without going hi
alvar89 22 hours
There is no point jumping on a 5600 from a 3600. If you decided to get into video editing and jumped on a 5900 it would make sense. The 3600 is alread
alvar89 April 2022
@ warded - 3.04.22 - 01:38pm i'd love to try out a Mac, but the price drives me away. Need to figure out h
alvar89 April 2022
@ john_163 - 1.04.22 - 10:56am bit late my other 1tb wd drive had same issue when i came home 3 days ago f
alvar89 April 2022
Almost as much as my whole pc has for storage lol.gif That 4tb would be awesome to run as ram disk.

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xxxtreex November 2013
(new) Modem Router (3)
im after a nice Modem Router but dont know to much on them with speeds duel band an so can anyone give me some advice or and help on what i should buy
vintalia September 2013
(new) Laptop cd drive detection [13]
When u insert cd/dvd on a laptop, its shown as a blank cd even if its a written one.This worries me alot. Please anyone with a solution to assist me.T
kogul5 June 2013
(new) Your desktop setup [18]
Howzit guys,I have been on Prodigits quite a while now,and seen posts about ...your pc configuration,and your desktop pics,so how about a image of you
napkinzz May 2013
(new) Is reflowing gpu chip difficult? [76]
Hi guys, i'm not here to ask about how to reflow chip because i can easily find it on youtube. But i just want to ask? Is reflowing gpu chip easy or d
adeeb222 September 2021

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