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crail April 2022
@ warded - 3.04.22 - 01:38pm i'd love to try out a Mac, but the price drives me away. Need to figure out h
crail April 2022
The atari St was a decent first computer to be fair
crail April 2022
This was my first computer. Spectrum+2 grey
crail April 2022
You knew what he meant
crail October 2021
@ sisfreak2017 - 1.10.21 - 10:29am What's a DVD?Is what kids born now will be saying

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john_163 June 2017
(new) Finally Geting My First Nvidia GPU [18]
will be geting a gtx 1050ti within 2 weeks clap.gif wich brand do u recommend? Asus, Gigabyte, Zotac or MSI? And Wich One Has Better Performance And Coo
mrstrubl October 2021
(new) making n burning dvds [26]
Im havn a hard time find good dvd burning software that i can trust not to add any male or ad ware..cnet lost its credability with me a long time ago

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