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john_163 June 2024
(new) thermal paste replacement (10)
never replaced thermal paste before, but gona do it now, since i dnt have much knowledge about it, which do you recommend? ARCTIC MX-4 8g - 19
john_163 August 2023
(new) Powers Off Suddenly [12]
so been long time no problem laugh.gif, now since two days..i turned on my pc it booted and then suddenly it went off. then i tried to turn back on i wo
john_163 April 2023
(new) Keyboard Keys (4)
for some reason the keys like 3,4 and f3 wont function if its connected to rare usb port but will function on front port
john_163 March 2023
(new) upgrade CPU [74]
is it worth to upgrade to a ryzen 5 5600x from 5 3600? also will this work on my current mobo thats msi b450 m pro vdh max? i dnt plan of getting a ne
john_163 April 2022
ok here's what old hdd never showed any signs of dying or anything else, all i did was i left clicked on the hdd property's went to secur

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john_163 June 2024
@ alvar89 - 25.05.24 - 10:25am its good to reapply every few years. cheaper paste usually dries up</di
john_163 22 days
adblock doesn't work with youtube as it use to, luckily on phone i use in private dns, blocks all the ads on chrome or ingame
john_163 June 2024
@ alvar89 - 9.05.24 - 08:07am Unless you are struggling to cool a hot cpu you dont need the best thermal c
john_163 June 2024
@ crail - 25.04.24 - 11:50pm Don't know, I googled best thermal past and clicked on a site. [Link]
john_163 June 2024
trying to get the artic mx 4 4g but its out of stock , only available is 8g and 20g which i don't wana waste money on laugh.gif

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