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jondzani September 2023
(new) Asus R9270x DirectCU ll TOP 2gb gddr5 (2)
Help guys anyone with this card i need original bios for this card someone has flash mine without been saved so if your willing to help me Y
jondzani September 2023
(new) Windows to Flash Drive [15]
how to put windows on a flash drive so that u can install it to a laptop that doesnt have a dvd or cd writer please guys help me
jondzani February 2016
(new) Which software (3)
Which software can i use to play android game on my pc which doesn't need internet connection?
jondzani October 2012
(new) kingdia dvd ripper (2)
Please help on vista is a trial but on Black Xp is a full vision and it ripp a 50 on vista and im using vista so please help guys
jondzani August 2012
(new) FLV format please help [20]
what kind of player can play this kind of a format flv even vlc cant play play this format video please help.

* Replies:
jondzani February 2016
jondzani February 2015
I know how to do that i am gona tell you theres no need to download nothing
jondzani October 2015
jondzani January 2013
just download a realtek audio drivers
jondzani January 2013
ya trow it in the bin

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jay.mack November 2014
(new) NEW GPU for an old build... [22]
about 4.5 years ago i knocked up an i7 920/hd5870 build. in that time i have used it for 3dsmax, gaming, fractal art and media. its still running rock

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