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mikeymk January 2024
(new) VR headsets (2)
Games/apps, hints/tips... I've only made my way around this Meta Quest 3 on a handful of occasions, so I don't have much to share atm. .
mikeymk August 2023
(new) Windows 11 [24]
Yay or nay? Or not yet? And if you've worked your way around it already, any likes/dislikes, tips..?
mikeymk August 2018
(new) What Laptop? [13]
Bit of a repost but theyre all specific and out of date. What's available? What should i look for? What would you get? What are the must-have

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mikeymk November 2022
The only problem I find with USBC is the plug falls out and I'm late for work with a dead phone. Other than that sure, fkn marvellous.
mikeymk August 2023
I don't understand the fascination with making Windows look so basic. I have to click a button now just to find out what day it is.
mikeymk August 2023
So after more than 5 mins after the upload you begin to find everything. Seems it's all still there. There's a little key on the start tile tha
mikeymk August 2023
Well i'm now on 11 and you're not missing much. I am, though. Start menu has gone, the physical start key takes me to a more basic tile card. S
mikeymk August 2018
My ears are catching up, though.

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