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mrstrubl October 2021
(new) making n burning dvds [26]
Im havn a hard time find good dvd burning software that i can trust not to add any male or ad ware..cnet lost its credability with me a long time ago
mrstrubl May 2015
(new) Blackmail bribe virus (9)
I've heard of this new virus. Where it locks up your comp and requires you to send money to unlock your comp. It sounds pretty wicked and hard to bre
mrstrubl January 2015
(new) cortana and siri (2)
I was just wondering now that Siri and Cortana are both powered by Bing what really makes them unique or different.other then one being apple and one

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mrstrubl May 2015
its called ransomeware?
mrstrubl October 2021
How is the ui and is it drop and are the custom options

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