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ndrau September 2023
(new) Free Internet (4)
Has anybody found a way for free internet in South Africa ? dog.gif
ndrau February 2016
(new) YOUR FREEDOM [14]
Is a tunnel that works on android with Whatsapp on cell c seeing that whatsapp is free if you have a positive balance I am busy with the PC version wi
ndrau July 2015
(new) stick help [15]
I want to know if it is possible to put a program on a memmory stick to run on a pc as soon as you plug it in to a pc without any input from your side
ndrau July 2013
(new) Touch screen (2)
Is anybody using a touch screen with their pc's and not using the regular mouse and keybord ? The reason I am asking is I want to know is it worth spe
ndrau July 2013
(new) System Mechanic (2)
Is there anybody that use or have used this program ? Is it any good or is there something better that I can use ?

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ndrau September 2023
Anybody any sucess ?
ndrau September 2023
ndrau September 2016
How much are the Pi going for at the moment ?
ndrau February 2016
I was shocked cause I posted how to do it and 2 days after that 90 000 views I couldnt believe it . . .
ndrau February 2016
vlive aaaaaaaa the good old days of propper FREE INTRNET and how to get it working ...................

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