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sparky04 July 2021
(new) Drones [25]
Just wondering if anyone here uses, or owns one. Just got myself the mavic pro. Picture quality is second to none a decent range too.

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sparky04 July 2021
Air screws are pretty old tech now. I know they are doing some pretty weird micro light looking aircraft now days but depends on how big that thing wa
sparky04 May 2021
Better off with a 4k firestick as Mel said if its just youtube you are using.
sparky04 July 2021
@ critical - 24.08.20 - 06:03pm bought that 2 weeks agoNice is that 250 class? . I had something like that I got off bangood. Just the frame then build it up.
sparky04 February 2020
To get to bios settings usually hold F11 key, or F7 during boot up. But mel has nailed the problem. Ram sticks usally run together in parallel. Also m

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