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warded 18 days
(new) Process Explorer (3)
If you think windows task manager does not tell you enough, try this little tool from microsoft technet instead. good Personally have used it for over
warded June 2024
(new) Windows 11 Encryption (2)
I read that w11 via a new update will encrypt your system partition by default. It means you will not be able to access that partition with another OS
warded November 2022
(new) USB-C (10)
Is becoming an enforced standard in the EU. read
warded February 2021
(new) VLC v4.0 (1)
They plan/consider two things you should not like. 1. Big UI change. 2. ads in the player. We should protest against both. Raise your fist and say NO!
warded November 2020
(new) Avira and Organizen (3)
wtf A silent install upon an update of Avira's AV.

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warded June 2024
Since it is Windows after all... haxorz will most likely at least attempt to break/crack the encryption. read
warded June 2024
Losing your w11 password means game over, man. No longer can you take your device to a friend or a specialist to recover data such as images, document
warded 18 days
icon_bump A very essential tool for anyone who is serious about managing MS Windows.
warded May 2024
One can only hope. teehee ALSO Red Hat developers refuse to put GNU into the GNU/Linux combo s
warded May 2024

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