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sweetcaroline March 2024
(new) Huawei tablet (1)
Can anybody help me please .I'm not very good with any technology.Ive lost the Google play services.Ive got no idea where 2 start getting them back.Ca
stefdag March 2024
(new) Nigeria WAP/GPRS pinned [4370]
Wap/Gprs nigeria networks discussion topic including zain, celtel, mtn, glo, etc. Posts are to be in English only!!! The original topic has not
sharkies February 2024
(new) what phone are you using [137]
hi what phone are you people using now for prodigits and calls
hachey.b January 2024
(new) Was dating sites (3)
Is there any that are any good? chin.gif
spunkydj January 2024
(new) Opera (3)
Think opera browser is the best browser with vpn no ads whatsoever it's great
themba2 January 2024
(new) Free Internet Settings in South Africa NEEDED. [16]
For Vodacom, Mtn, and Cellc. Please comment here if you know something that will lead to free Internet break trough like the times of 2005 - 2
spunkydj July 2023
(new) Vodafone and three merger (2)
What you think about this
sumaiya3 July 2023
(new) Giffgaff internet [17]
Hi, how much does it cost to use Giffgaff internet for 24 hours, without goody bag please?
wmbata July 2023
(new) join and learn (1)
please join us here so that you will know, learn and discover more about mobile web. .
spunkydj August 2022
(new) Uc browser (8)
Is this a proxy browser like opera mini
tragonie July 2022
(new) Hi (5)
does anyone know how to work your volume on your amazon firestick remote control
flizzy June 2022
(new) Crypto manga (2)
We post any krypto related topics and updates like airdrops,blockchains, testnet and news like wise..
gon_s May 2022
(new) HOW TO USE OPERA?? [14]
my opera ddnt works! watz the rght SETT.?? my opera is v.4.2
flash January 2022
Which web browser display clickable link for you to click on help
jariceals January 2022
(new) Windows os vs Android (5)
Android is still leading over its opponent Windows. However which of this two is more versatile? Android phones are selling like hot cakes. Windows is

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